Rates & Fees

Rates and Fees

Thunderbird County Water District


August 18, 2022

Basic Service Charge (a) $ 76.00/Bi-Monthly

Overage Charge (b) $ 22.62/1000 cu ft

(When bi-monthly allowance of 1000 cu ft is exceeded)

Credit/Debit Card Fee $ 4.75 (Flat fee)


Security Deposit (Per Account) $ 152.00 (2 billing cycles)

New Account Set-Up Fee (c) $ 25.00

Late Charge 20% of Balance

Shut-Off for Non-Payment $ 50.00

Re-Connect Fee or Restore Existing Service $ 25.00

Will Serve Letters $ 75.00

New Service Connection (Service line and meter setup)

Meter Installation Fee - 1” Meter $1,104.00

Connection Fee: $4,972.00

Supplemental Water Fee: $2,678.00

1” Meter - New Service Connection Total: $8,754.00

Application for Main Line Extension $1,650.00

Plan Check Fees

Up to and including 1000 Feet $ 360.00

Over 1000 Feet $360.00 plus $ 0.30/ft

Charge for Returned Checks $ 25.00

Annual Standby Fee (d) $ 30.00/acre

(a) Meter reading and billing is performed bi-monthly. Water service is furnished in increments of two consecutive months commencing on the first day of the month for the months of January, March, May, July, September and November. Bills are due on the first (1st) day of the month and become delinquent 24 days thereafter.

A Second Notice is mailed on 24th day of the month and the account may be shut off 35 days after the due date, if special arrangements haven’t been made. Payment Plans are available for set-up. Stop late fees and only pay $5.00/month while on Payment Plan.

(b) Paid in month following the usage that occurred in the prior two months.

(c) Applications for Service must also be filed with District for new customers and is required of all property owners within the District’s boundaries.